Cleaning Tile Floor

A simple maintenance routine, will do wonders in preserving your newly installed tile flooring. After, installation you will be proud of your new floor. so, taking care of it will definitely be important for you.

Cleaning your porcelain tile will not be like cleaning other surfaces.  The reason being is porcelain tiles are made at much higher temperatures than, the average ceramic tile.  Also, the unique ingredients used to make porcelain, form into a low-order glass, causing it to be water resistant.  Porcelain, will absorb less than or equal to 0.5% of moisture. Making, it highly stain resistant. Even, with that being said, we must remove dust and grime from tile.  Here, are five things you should know before cleaning your porcelain tiles.

1) Initial Clean

After, installation we recommend cleaning the floor. even though the installation company has cleaned the floor we recommend giving it a second clean. 

2) Brushing Floor

Brush the floor to remove any loose dirt. use soft natural bristle broom, or simply vacuum the floor. for anything more soiled that may be stuck to floor use a nylon-grit brush. brush and scrub slowly in circular motion. If you need more power you can try a 175 rpm rotary scrubber.

3) Water & Stain Resistance

Porcelain tile is generally water and stain resistant. This makes daily upkeep a breeze.  Warm water should do the trick eliminating the need for chemicals.

4) Stains

For stains we recommend using ordinary floor cleaner. Use 3-4 capfuls per 5 gallons of water. Do not use silly products will leave a film and cause streaking.

5) Avoid Acid

We do not recommend the use of acid washing, could discolor tile or grout leaving it with a patchy look.

We hope that this will help you maintain that beautiful floor. if, you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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