The Power of Steam

The benefits of steam are many for you mind and body. When was the last time you went to the sauna. I am sure it brings back memories of intense pleasure and cleansing feelings.

Steam is good for your skin causing you to sweat out your toxins and pushes out dirt from your pores.

Steam will relax your muscles, increase your blood flow. Causing your blood to deliver more oxygen, causing muscles to relax and soothe minor aches and pains.

breathing in a warm steam mist will open up nasal passages, alleviating respiratory congestions and sinus inflammation.

The enchanting effect of steam engulfing your body from the soothing mist of the steam of steam shower will relax your mind. It’s the perfect way to start or end your day.

Having a sanctuary where you can unwind or prepare for the chaos of the world is a great way to build a positive Flow for the day. Bathrooms are where we care for our bodies, our temple making them an important part of our life.

A steam shower is a great addition to any shower.

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