Walk-In Showers

Walk in showers prove to be useful and extremely function in any bathroom. Regardless of whether you have a huge bathroom or a small space for quick showers, walk-in showers will make the entire space chic and functional. The enticing structure will offer your bathroom a modern appeal. This an interesting fact ascertained by many homeowners and professional bathroom renovators.

As potential investors, you can hand pick walk-in showers from different types. And, this article will give you a quick walk through common (yet stylish) walk-in shower types.

Type #1 – Glass Enclosed

One of the finest walk-in shower models would be “Glass Enclosed” ones. These shower areas will help you transit seamlessly from the shower region to the other parts. As suggested by its name, these walk-in shower cabins are transparent. A very good example of Glass enclosed walk in cabins would be the encased floor-to-ceiling panels. These shower panels comes with small, bench shelves that can be mounted on the wall.

Type #2 – Light Filled Showers

Light filled walk-in showers can give your bathroom a lasting look. Have you ever wondered how a small window can increase the ultimate appearance of your bathroom? The sensation you experience while bathing in light is unique and one-of-a-kind. Of course, direct skylight has many health benefits too! This can be attributed to the fame of light-filled shower cabins. The décor will add more space and look to your bathroom.

Type #3 – Steam & Shower

It is quite interesting to note that steam and shower rooms are combined in modern walk-in showers. These are considered as designer showers that will let you create your very own, functioning steam room. In other terms, these rooms can be treated as a personalized spa. However, the amenities you include in this room can play a very important role. Make sure the amenities will let you enjoy a relaxing shower and steam moment.

Type #4 – Frameless Showers

If you have a very small budget or bathroom, you can still have a functional walk-in shower. As mentioned previously, walk in shower cabins come in different shapes and sizes. Luckily, there are many small-sized walk in shower units with and without frames.

Type #5 – Round Shower Rooms

The list of walk-in shower options closes with round shower rooms. This is a modern unit that blends design and style. The round showers are much more glamourous than the squared-shaped ones. However, round showers are not meant for small bath areas.