Properly installed tile and stone can last a lifetime and bring out the beauty and elegance of your home.

A bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel could add some amazing value or a touch of life to your home or business. Traditional tiles and backsplashes can also make it easier to cook and prepare food as well as showcase the main features of your kitchen. Backsplashes and natural stone tiles are also very easy to clean up and this can prevent stains and issues inside your kitchen and bathroom. Rather than creating water stains and other food stains over time, a backsplash and modern tile mosaics can protect your home for the future.

With Seashore Kitchen and Bath, you get quality tile mosaics and installations that can last for decades as well as a full labor guarantee on all of our installations. If you need repairs or touch-ups, our staff is happy to provide dedicated services to increase the lifespan of your tile.

We have spent decades developing deep relationships with reputable quarries worldwide to bring you the finest materials for your designs. Our elegant and luxurious natural stone tile, slab, and moldings are handpicked for ultimate aesthetic appeal. Our selection comprises the finest quality available in every category such as Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, and Slate imported from Italy, Brazil, India, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, and beyond.

Tile can add value and luxury to your home and we are more than prepared to provide a variety of different custom surfaces ranging from wall tiles, full custom tile mosaics, natural stone, and more.

If you need faster remodeling and flooring completed in Panama City Beach, Florida or the surrounding area which includes Destin, Florida; Rosemary Beach, Florida; Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; and Panama City, Florida, we are the team to help.