2018 Bathroom Design Trends

Looking to do a remodel on your bathroom soon? Not sure where to start or what’s trendy right now?

Well, here are a few 2018 bathroom design trends that you might want to consider for your bathroom remodel! Freshening up your bathroom with the latest trend will make your bathroom feel more modern and give it a sense of amazing style, but remember it should fit into with the rest of your home!

One material bathrooms

So this trend was huge in the 1980s, but it’s making a huge comeback for bathrooms. The “one material” trend can really be impactful and bold when done right, creating a special place. So how do you get a one material bathroom? Rather than having the floor be one thing and the walls another (usually drywall), a one material room is using filling the entire space with one material from floor to ceiling, thus embracing this material for everything. Materials can be tile, limewash, plaster or even concrete for an extra bold feeling. Like we said, it could be a bit much if done wrong, so talk to your contractor about your options if you’re interested in this trend.

Vanities that float

Floating vanities look pretty cool and futuristic and are totally modern! So all of its plumbing and parts are neatly tucked away under a skirt-like section that’s made from wood stone or something else so it visually looks appealing while securing the sink’s necessities. You’ll notice how it makes a bathroom feel more open and bigger, which is a great thing for homes with smaller bathrooms.

Traditional freestanding bathtub

For a modern look but a classic feel, you can always opt for a freestanding bathtub that becomes the main piece in the bathroom. You can opt for a more traditional piece with the chunky feet or go for a more modern look with a round or oval freestanding bathtub.

Open ledge storage spots

Forget the large medicine cabinets or towel racks because it’s all about open ledge storage spots for bathrooms these days! It’s a great way to show off all your pretty things (hide the ugly stuff somewhere else like a shaving cream or floss) and still have storage for some of your most used items like soaps, perfumes and even a small vase.

Black fixtures

Silver, copper and gold are the usual choices for fixtures, but black is one of the top bathroom trends for the year. It’s a timeless option since black never goes out of style and can easily go with just about any design, surface, hardware or material in your bathroom.

Plaster and concrete

Instead of tile, some are going with plaster or concrete for their bathroom remodels. Both are very versatile materials and can be used on the floors, walls and even your vanity setup. Although you can go with dark, tinted or colored plaster or concrete, lighter tones make the bathroom feel larger!