Classic White Tile

Classic white tile: classic white tile style bathrooms have always been in fashion and these clean yet modern aesthetics are perfect for the look of a bathroom area. Some of the newest trends in bathroom remodeling in Santa Rosa Florida are to include a number of industrial elements such as darker style countertops, stainless steel fixtures and more. Darker colored grout like a grey or black can also create a beautiful contrast from the tiles as well as prevent the tiles from displaying their age or mold growth.

Accessibility: with an aging population in proving the ease-of-use in every bathroom can also improve the resale value of any home. Higher toilets, ADA compliant fixtures and other options for your bathroom can really help to improve the look while ensuring that your home can be sold in a faster fashion.

Keep some of these top bathroom remodeling trends in mind for 2018 when working with your bathroom remodeling expert of choice in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.