The Best Tile for the Bathroom

If you are interested in a bathroom remodel within Panama City Florida you should start to think about some of the best tiles that would work in a high traffic bathroom. Tiles installed in the bathroom need be extremely water resistant as well is resistant to stains. Luckily there are a number of manufacturers who can produce top-quality tiles designed specifically for bathroom remodeling efforts. Here are some of the best materials to get you started:


Either porcelain or ceramic tiles are a very popular look for the bathroom. In many cases these tiles can be purchased inexpensively and they are great for their water resistance with a variety of different coatings which are available for the tiles here. There are even some new coatings that can be added to ceramic to make them look closer to wood or a natural wood floor. This would allow you to continue the natural wood floor look throughout your home without potentially risking your wood floors in a bathroom area.

Marble wall tiles

There is nothing more luxurious than a natural stone or marble wall tile. Granite and marble have become a very distinguished way to redo almost any type of bathroom. There are many homeowners that also choose to break up the look of marble or granite with unique mosaics in custom color patterns that can be included in shower spaces. These mosaic patterns can come ready to install or custom-designed with the help of a contractor.

Natural stone backsplashes

Backsplashes for sink areas can be a beautiful accent piece for any bathroom. Rather than a mosaic you could consider putting in a slightly different backsplash near the sinks in your bathroom. Trying a brighter colored natural stone or a contrasting color from the rest of your tile bathroom in natural stone can build almost an accent wall apart from your other bathrooms.

If you want to learn more about the best tile for the bathroom in Panama City Florida you should contact our company today.