Having a Small Bathroom?

Having a small bathroom can be a problem, especially when you need more space to put all your bath accessories and furniture.

In other editions we had write about how to get the illusion of a big bathroom in a small space, but in this occasion we are going to give you some ideas to remodel your small bathroom without the worry of the space.

A small bathroom can be beautiful and classy too, you just need to hire the right professionals and make the best decorating choices, that way you will have the most beautiful small bathroom.

Up next, we bring you a countdown with the most amazing ideas to have a stunning small bathroom:

  1. Choose uniform colors: these colors help the bathroom to look more neat and bigger. There’s nothing better than an organized bathroom.
  2. More cabinets: use more cabinets to organize everything you need, you can use tall ones.
  3. Use individual tiles to get a more personal look. Remember that in every remodeling job you need to portray your personality and spirit. Another use for tiles is to open the spaces; you can use green ones to get a nice and relaxed vibe.
  4. Get some inspiration from Y.L Chan bathroom, he has a small apartment in New York, so he had to adjust his needs of a big bathroom in a small bathroom with some adjustments. See the picture for reference.
  5. Use a shower with translucent glass, this is a modern look and the best of it is that gives light to the room.
  6. Go back to black; this is one of the most stylish looks a home can have. Choose black tiles or a black bathtub to get this fancy.